2002 FU-Agentur.de
For more than a decade, the museum for modern art "Deichtorhallen" in Hamburg, Germany is presenting remarkable private art collections, with a focus on contemporary art. Following this series of exhibitions the Deichtorhallen showed the major part of the Grässlin collection to the public. From the large number of artworks in this collection a unique selection had been made and displayed from March to oktober 2001 in Hamburg. FU was involved during the main parts of the whole project,delivering services for the whole implementation, transportation, logistics and the installation of artworks. The large number of artworks, as well as a very tight timeplan made this a very ambitious project. FU again delivered a wide spectrum of tasks to lead this exhibition to a successful start and end. FU suppor-ted the save transport and logistics from the museum back home to the collectors warehouse. Looking back, the success of this exhibition was a result of teamwork from all the people involved again with FUll service from us.
Installation from Joseph Zehrer "Korridor", a time consuming work that needs the look on the de-tails from FU.
Installation with artworks from Martin Kippenberger,Albert Oehlen.
Installation from Tobias Rehberger, in combination with paintings from Andreas Schulze.
Installation "Cafe Trabant" from Heimo Zobernig.

Examples from the installation from Günther Förg.The painted walls are part of the work and have to be rebuild with every new installation.