Welcome to FU-AGENCY!  

The home for all services connected with topics like art exhibitions, showrooms, tradeshows, museums, art logistics and transport security issues... and much more. If you are looking for a service that takes care about art logistics and the complete implemen-tation of entire exhibitions from scratch to installation FU delivers all the services that come along with such projects. We build your showroom, organise your tradeshow project and help you to communicate your message. Together with our partners from transport to restauration, we deliver the complete spectrum of tasks for art, exhibitions and trade shows.



We design, organise and implement in order to give you more space and time for new projects and ideas. Your artworks, products or whatever you like to show to the public, is in the best hands with FU. Just take a closer look at our project pages to get an inside look of what we do.


You have a new project in your mind ? Still unsure about the details, logistics or installation issues. Contact us we would like to share your ideas and help you with all aspects of your inspiration and plans.Just hit the FU logo or go to the contact page for further information how to get in touch with us.

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