2002 FU-Agentur.de

The project Rooms for Art is a unique museumproject, showing contemporary art from the Grässlin collection in St.Georgen. The underlying concept for this unique way of showing art to the public is as easy as perfect. Empty stores and display windows are used to show artworks from the collection over a short period of time, creating a display window museum tour throughout the whole city of St.Georgen. The owners of the rooms are contributing to the project by charging no rent and only the maintenance costs are paid by rooms for art. If the owners found new tenants for the store, the projects will move out in short period of time. Sometimes a showroom exists only for a couple of weeks or months. This change makes rooms for art a living museum with changing places and exhibitions all the time. A unique way of showing contemporary art and the first lean museum of its kind.

FU is responsible for the complete implementation of exhibitions and installations of rooms for art since the start of the project. Starting from the aquisition of new showrooms, coordi-nation of renovation efforts to transport and installation of the artworks, FU is taking care of 10 to 15 showrooms on a constant basis. Since the beginning of the project, FU realised more than 30 different showrooms with changing exhibitions, and if the owners found new tenants cleared the space. FU also take s care of some showrooms that are rented for a longer period of time from rooms for art. In these spaces, maintenace work and installation of new artworks from time to time is needed. If any other jobs have to be done, like electrician or carpenter jobs, FU will take care of by using partners from various fields. FU offers for the project rooms for art FUll service in every aspect, with the overall spirit of the idea in mind.

Work from Tobias Rehberger in a former flowershop.

Installation of sculptures and artpieces from different ar-tists including Werner Büttner, Georg Herold and Martin Kippenberger.
Instalation of multiple pieces from various artists in the windows of an old barber shop. In the small window on the left work from Jeff Koons.