In the summer of 2001 FU had been asked to help with the organisation of the videoproject " 3T " from the artist Tobias Rehberger. FU´s task was to organise the whole shooting in the black forest from location hunting to providing various services on the shooting day.

The artwork is all about the japanese tea-ceremony, a ritual based on the ZEN culture and spirit. The ceremony had been performed by the artis Tobias Rehberger and his friend the art collector Thomas Grässlin. He lived in Japan for a longer period of time where he had learned to perform the tea-ceremony the traditional way.

Here you can have a little insight into the shooting of this project, a special japanese teahouse, following the plans of the artist, had to be built on location to perform the ceremony. Located on top of a mountain overlooking the beautiful black forest countryside, the right ZEN atmosphere had been created.